Development and production of polymers,
sealants, glue compositions

Contract manufacturing

   «PolyMix Kazan» LLC offers full complex of contract manufacturing service for the following products - under your trade name and competitive prices: 

Mastics and sealants based on polysulfide polymers (tiokol) and analogues (thiol-contented AR-polymer)

Mastics, sealants, waterproofing materials based on polyurethane polymers

Sealants, glues and other materials based on hybrid silicon-urethane polymers (STP- or MS- polymers)

Polyurethane glues and binders

Mastics, fillers and glues based on acrylic dispersions

Polyurethane elastomers for molding (analogues of SKU-PFL-100, SKU-7L, Vibrathane

Polyurethane articles, applying polyurethane layer on textiles and other surfaces.  

We can also organize production by your formulations and technologies on your order.

Why do you need contract manufacturing?

1.      You have an idea- and you would like to realize it in ready product. But organizing your own production facilities needs much money and time investments. In the reality of nowadays dynamically developing market time loss brings to competition fail.    Production is a complicated process. You may entrust us to solve all difficulties of this job.  We shall realize your genius ideas for you!

2.      You already have well-running production process, and you are expanding into new markets. Logistics and customs procedures nay significantly increase the cost of your products. Should you spend money and time for transportation of product while you can produce it in the region you are selling it?   

3. You start your activity in new directions. Before starting your own production line you would like to “test” the project. Best solution on the first stage can be production one the base of contract manufacturer.  


How the contract manufacturing cooperation is realized?

1.We receive your detailed Requirement specification which describes your product qualities and quantities.

2. We pick up the suitable product from our current range, or we get the task to develop new product with determined specification. Production by your formulations is also possible. Meanwhile you can be sure that all transferred information’s are fully confidential.

3. We perform the calculation of raw materials cost and agree it with the customer. Otherwise we decide toll processing.

4. Customer gets the sample of product to test it to conform all requirements, or we make product testing in our laboratories together with the customer.  

5. After confirmation of quality and cost of material, we conclude contract manufacturing agreement with specified terms of production.

6. We appoint personal manager who is always online to discuss all question during cooperation.

7. Together with the customer we provide product branding and certification.

8. In agreed terms we produce the material, while making constant quality control. Each lot is provided with certificate of quality with all the parameters specified in contract manufacturing agreement.

9. Package of product is made according to the customer requirements, including package type, filling measures, labels, special marks etc.

10. Our technical personnel provides post-selling service, including consultations and recommendations on usage, solving the problems which may arise when using the product within the guarantee period.


We are interested to develop long-term cooperation and we are sure that the complex of contract manufacturing services may meet the needs of your company.


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