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Izogerm PS

Two-component cold-curing sealant “Izogerm PS” formulated on the base of thiol-contented AR-polymer, curing by classic reaction of end SH-groups with manganese dioxide.

   “Izogerm PS” sealant is supplied as set of main paste and curing paste, mixed just before use. After mixing it makes thixotropic paste, which is easy in handling.  

    After curing it becomes elastic resin-like material with high deformation and tensile strength characteristics, resistant to alkalines, resistant to vibration and atmospheric factors, with perfect adhesion to metals, glass, concrete and wood. Working temperatures range is from -60 till 100С.

TR 2513-008-90014974-2015.

Colour: black.

 Package: 27,5 kg.

Fluid paste
Easy handling
Resistant to atmospheric factors
Alkaline and acid resistant
Высокая адгезия к бетону, цементно-песчаному раствору, металлам, дереву, кирпичу
No primer nessecary


 «Izogerm PS» is used for sealing of concrete and asphalt-concrete deformation joints of airports coverings, water and vapour insulation, sealing of joints and holes, anticorrosion coating, cold joints treatment when construction and reconstruction of highway roads, bridges, tunnels, industrial objects, for sealing of fixed metal and other connections, working under temperatures from -60 °С till +80 °С in air/water and shortly till +100 °С in air.  Sealant can work in different climatic zones, including zones with tropic dry or humid climate.





Homogeneous black paste

Pot life, hours.


Vulcanizaton level, Shore А, max


Relative tensile strength, MPa, min


Relative elongation at break, %, min


Peel strength from steel, kgs/cm, min


Peel strength from concrete, kgs/cm, min


Water adsorption %, max


You can see detailed information in Technical Data Sheet.

Certificates and technical documentation
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Izol U30-M

Three-component construction sealant based on “AR-polymer”. Product is used for sealing of  fixed metal and other connections, working under temperatures from -60 °С till +80 °С in air and/or water and short-time +100 °С in air.

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