Development and production of polymers,
sealants, glue compositions

Binder for cold curing "Polymix S"

 One-component polyurethane binder for cold curing of articles from rubber and EPDM crumb and other fillers with different fractions. Cured under contact with air moisture. 

 In combination with rubber or EPDM or ethylen-propylene rubber crumb creats elastic porous (allows water get through) articles resistant to abrasive and kick forces.

Package: metal drums 220 kg, plastic drums 20,10,5 kg.

Vibration resistance
Range of working temperatures from -50 to +100
Solvent free
Resistant to atmospheric factors




Test method


From yellow to dark red visous liquid, opalescence may persist


Non-volatile content,%, min


 GOST 17537

Isocianate groups content % , within


p 5.2 TR 2224-005-90014974-


Dynamic viscosity under 25оС, mPa*s, within

5000 – 8000

p. 5.3 TR 2224-005-90014974-


Density, g/cm3, within

1,1 +- 0,02

GOST 28513

Pot life under  25oC, min, within


p. 5.4 TR 2224-005-90014974-


Realative elongation at break, %, min


GOST 270-75

Tensile strength at break, mPa, min


GOST 270-75

Certificates and technical documentation
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