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Thiol-contented "AR-polymer"

«AR- polymer» is the thiol-contented urethane polymer with end mercapto (SH-) groups. By properties and applications is the analogue of polysulfide polymers (tiokols).  

Polymer has following structure:

~R-NH-CO-O-R-SH , R – residues of polyurethane oligomer

Polymer is used as base for production of two-component construction sealants for insulated glass, joints sealing and corrosion protection. “AR-polymer” based sealants have perfect adhesion to almost all types of construction materias – concrete, stone, brick, wood, glass and metals.


ТR 2226-001-90014974-11

Package: metal drums 215 kg, plastic IBC 1050 kg.





Test method


from light-yellow to dark-yellow viscous liquid


 SH-groups content, %. within

1,5 –2,5

point 5.2 TR 2226-001-90014974-11

 Dynamic viscosity at+25 оС, Pa*S, max


point 5.3. TR 2226-001-90014974-11

 Pot life at +25 оС, min, not less than


point 5.4 TR 2226-001-90014974-11

 Relative tensile strength, Mpa, minimum


point 5.4 TR 2226-001-90014974-11

 Relitive elongation at break,  %, minimum


point 5.5 TR 2226-001-90014974-11

 Relative permanent deformation, %, max


point 5.5 TR 2226-001-90014974-11

Certificates and technical documentation
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Silane-terminated organic polymer, combining properties of silicones and polyurethanes. In the market such polymer is known as MS-polymer, STP-polymer, hybrid polymer. Hybrid polymers are used for production of sealants and glues.

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