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Thiol-contented sealant for deformation joints “Izol-21”

   Universal two-component cold curing construction  sealant “Izol-21” is formulated on the base of thiol-contented AR-polymer.

      Consist of two components – main paste and curing agent.   After mixing makes thixotropic paste, which is easy in handling. After curing it becomes elastic resin-like material with high deformation and tensile strength characteristics, resistant to vibration and atmospheric factors, with perfect adhesion to all metals, glass, concrete, stone and brick.  

Package:  plastic drums 16,5 kg.

Easy handling
Resistant to atmospheric factors
Thermal ageing resistanse
Alkaline and acid resistant
No primer nessecary
Elastic, suitable for joints up to 50% deformation


-   Sealing of construction joints with up to 25% deformation.

-   Sealing of concrete stone joints.

-   Sealing of other joints and cracks.



-  Consistency – thixotropic paste, easy in handling.

-  Good adhesion to all construction materials (concrete, polymer concrete, wood, metal, glass, stone).

-  No contraction, does not contain solvents.

-  Workable under temperatures from- 50 оС to +70 оС.

-  Resistant to climatic factors.

-  Life duration over 20 years.





Light-grey thixotropic paste

Relative tensile strength at break, MPa, min


Elastic module at 100% elongation, mPA, max


Flow resistance, mm, max


Relative elongation at break, %, min

160 (on sample joints)

300 (on blades)

Breakage character


Pot-life under+23оС, hours

2 – 24

Handling temperature range

 from -15 till +40оС

Density, kg/m3




     Sealant components are mixed just before use by hand mixing or spiral drill (in order not to create extra air bubbles speed of drill should be not more than 300 rev/min) till getting homogeneous paste, but not more than 5 minutes. Quality of sealant depends on mixing accuracy. Partial mixing is not recommended, as there is possibility of wrong measurement of components.

    Mixing with solvents is strictly prohibited, as it leads to loss of thixotropy and other properties, cause shrinking and cracks.

Sealant layer should be not more than 3-4 mm.

Viscosity of sealant components increase under low temperatures. Mixing and storage is recommended in heated buildings.


Certificates and technical documentation
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Elastic two-component sealant for deformation joints of newly constructed panel buildings and repair works of building facades.

Used for joints with up to 25% deformation.

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Izol AM-05

Two component universal construction sealant based on thiol-contented “AR-polymer” for sealing, waterproofing, protection against corrosion of joints (including metal parts) of underground  and over ground constructions from concrete, foamed, ferroconcrete, brick.

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